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From rainy Seattle to a little forested island called Vashon, to sunny LA via Madison, Wisconsin and interrupted by Dunedin, New Zealand, followed by Flagstaff, Arizona at the edge of the Grand Canyon... and now Berlin, Germany, all the while interspersed with stints in Latin America: I've been chasing interesting places, landscapes, and curious scientific questions for the last ten years, and have had many adventures and misadventures along the way.


Currently, I'm a Doctoral Researcher at GFZ-Potsdam. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a MSc in Geology in May 2019 and from Occidental College with a BA in Environmental Science & Geology in 2016. I'm broadly interested in earth surface expressions of tectonic and climatic changes, landscape evolution, and source-to-sink systems.


I love field geology and am passionate about organizing and leading field campaigns, and I'm currently sharpening my lab skills in an immaculately-run German geochemistry lab. Art, music, and outdoor sports consume my life outside of, and sometimes intertwined with, work in Geology. Check out my Science Writing section for some of my stories and Art section for graphic abstracts, geology-related cartoons, and more.

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